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The original Veravis beads

Today, the tradition of beads
is being continued…

… according to high quality
standards and using the most
advanced machinery.

Veravis, the beads for bowel regularity

The Veravis beads have been the first product of Giorgini Dr Martino's line and are still the most requested one in Italy, among natural remedies, for bowel regularity.

In 1977, herb shops used to sell only herbal teas to be brewed in water at home, but Dr Giorgini thought out a way to concentrate an herb extract until he would reach the same density as honey and then mix it with powdered leaves of Senna, to obtain a long string-shaped dough to finally cut into beads.

Today, instead of a knife to cut the dough there is a machine blade, but these beads have not changed since Dr Giorgini and his parents used to make them with their hands.

Regular bowel movements are essential for maintaining a healthy body

The digestive system is of paramount importance for our body as it is responsible for breaking down and absorbing nutrients and eliminating undigested food, such as plant fibres.

Plant fibres are the primary "food" for intestinal bacterial flora, which, besides producing substances necessary for our immune system and the nurturing of intestinal cells, produces lactic acid, creating an unfavourable environment for putrefactive bacteria.

If plant fibres are insufficient and faeces are stagnant, it can happen that these bacteria take over, the nutrients and substances required for the immune system fail, producing, as a result, toxic substances such as cadaverine and putrescine, which inevitably pass into the bloodstream from the colon through water absorption.

Blood carries these toxins to the liver, which neutralises them and puts them back into circulation to be eliminated by the kidneys, the sweat glands and various mucous membranes.

The liver performs its function, however all this extra work may tire you and wear you out.

Blood also needs to carry toxins (catabolites) to the liver from all the body cells to be neutralised and then removed, but it would not have enough space to load this "debris" if it were to carry that coming from the bowel.

So, toxins (real cell debris) begin to accumulate in various parts of the body and it is easy to imagine how many illnesses they may cause.

Thus we understand how necessary it is to clean our intestines and replace putrefying bacteria with lactic acid ones.








  • 100% MADE IN ITALY
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