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Women’s health (circulation, hormones, menopause)

How to cope with menopause naturally

Menopause: what it is and how to live peacefully this new moment of your life with the aid of plants and a few tips

Menopause is a physiological period of a woman’s life characterised by several hormonal changes that lead to the disappearance of the menstrual cycle.

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Women's health

Natural nutrient-rich herbal supplements useful for combating menopause symptoms and all the common complaints of the premenstrual or menstrual period.

Hormonal balance is crucial for the general health and well-being of women of any age. The delicate balance of female hormones can be affected by many factors and may in turn influence various aspects, such as metabolism, sleep, mood, and reproductive capacity.
Painful periods, or dysmenorrhoea, are one of the most common problems among women of childbearing age: they are characterised by stabbing pain, more or less sharp, in the lower abdomen, which may be associated with back pain, sudden changes of mood, fatigue, nausea and so on. These complaints, which in some cases can be so intense as to limit the social activity of a person, can be anticipated by different types of alterations, in the phase before ovulation, which are indicated with the name of “premenstrual syndrome

Other very critical stages in a woman's life are pregnancy and
, during which the fluctuation in the level of oestrogens may be responsible for a series of changes, both physical and mental. During pregnancy, for example, supplementation of folic acid, which is essential for the growth of maternal tissues, may prove very useful.

The introduction, either by food or by supplements, of some specific nutrients, may be a valuable aid to reduce menstruation and menopause symptoms. The phytoestrogens contained in certain foods, such as soy, represent a valid support for the rebalancing of female hormones and, therefore, are useful for alleviating menopause symptoms (supplementation of other nutrients such as sage, black cohosh, etc. may also prove beneficial).
On the contrary,
you may find relief from menstruation pain through supplements made from hops (to promote relaxation in times of stress),  black cohosh, lovage, ginger or Chinese angelica.

Supplementation with specific products can therefore promote and support the well-being of women in different stages of their biological life, while also helping the female body to “protect“ itself from the stress that characterises hormonal surges and limit the onset of pain or discomfort that come with them.

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  1. HEALTHY WOMAN 100  tablets

    Healthy woman

    Chaste tree, Chinese angelica, ginger and marigold help counteract menstrual complaints; combined with wild yam and black cohosh, they contribute to reducing menopause symptoms, also alleviated by sage, soy isoflavones and red clove. In addition, hops has a calming and relaxing effect in case of stress.
    Available formats 50 g

  2. Menopause Control Plus

    Menopause Control Plus

    Food supplement containing black cohosh, soy and milk thistle; enriched with glutathione and other nutrients. Black cohosh and soy isoflavones are useful in combating the typical menopause symptoms.

  3. OVAVIS-T 100 tablets


    Herbal supplement enriched with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Mugwort, Chinese angelica, shepherd's purse, parsley, wormwood, lady's mantle and vervain counteract the most common menstrual complaints.
    Available formats 50 g

  4. WOMAN EXTRA 100  tablets

    Woman Extra

    Plant-based food supplement fortified with minerals and vitamins. Black cohosh, lovage and ginger may lessen menstrual cycle symptoms, whreas red clover, sage, black cohosh and soy are helpful in relieving menopause complaints. Vitamins B6 and B12 promote red blood cell production, and, with vitamin B2, which helps maintain their integrity, support the action of iron, which contributes to haemoglobin synthesis in red blood cells and to the transportation of oxygen around the body. This action is also supported by the presence of folic acid, which, promoting hematopoiesis, facilitates the synthesis of all blood cells. Morevoer, manganese, zinc and vitamin C, D and K may contribute to maintaining normal bones.
    Available formats 50 g

  5. DONNA PROGRESS 50 g - 100 tablets (500 mg)

    Woman Progress

    Wild yam, chaste tree, dong quai, mugwort, squawvine, chamomile, papyrus and ginger help reduce menstruation symptoms. In addition, dioscorea and dong qua can also mitigate menopause typical symptoms.
    Available formats 50 g

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