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Are there natural remedies against heavy legs?

Women’s health (circulation, hormones, menopause)

How to address a very common complaint, especially with the arrival of the first warm days

Who has never had, especially in the evening, a nagging sensation of heaviness and numbness in the legs?

This discomfort, which affects mostly women, can become even more pronounced with the arrival of the first warm days.

This is a rather widespread issue, especially among those who spend quite some time in a static position (for example, standing or sitting at the desk).

The main cause of heavy legs is venous stasis, i.e. alteration in circulation and microcirculatory function, which can be promoted by several factors:

  • heat (not only environmental, but also due to exposure to direct sources, which could cause a "slowdown" of blood flow);
  • overweight;
  • heredity;
  • desk-bound lifestyle;
  • hormonal factors (in fact, women are more affected by this issue);
  • advanced age.

Swelling in the legs can, in severe cases, be associated with tingling or pain.

Aggravation of these complaints can be one of the first signs of different problems with varying degrees of severity, to identify which, it is always good practice to seek medical advice.

8 rules for handling heavy legs

In the absence of specific diseases, the sensation of heaviness in the legs can also be effectively controlled by adopting a few simple habits:

  1. drink plenty of water, at least 2 litres a day, to also prevent fluid retention;
  2. practise some daily physical activity. If you cannot attend a gym, a daily stroll or taking the stair instead of the elevator is also good practice;
  3. include in your diet foods rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids, such as peppers, kiwis, citrus fruits, pineapples, berries etc.;
  4. avoid wearing too tight clothes all day, to prevent venous stagnation (stasis), or high-heeled footwear;
  5. sleep keeping your legs at a height greater than that of the heart (to do this, simply place a small pillow under the legs, or directly under the mattress);
  6. in the evening, in the shower, switch hot and cold water jets on your legs (always ending with cold water), starting from your ankles moving up to your groin. So doing, you stimulate a sort of vascular gymnastics that can enhance the tone of venous walls;
  7. self massaging your legs with a special cream can be helpful in alleviating the sense of heaviness; the most appropriate natural cosmetics in such cases are those with a refreshing and decongesting effect (based on essential oils and plant extracts of yarrow, ruscus, arnica, chestnut etc.).

You can also benefit from taking supplements containing natural vitamin C (useful for supporting the normal function of blood vessels) and plant extracts such as blueberry, red vine, ruscus, pineapple, horse chestnut and centella, which can boost the microcirculatory function and combat the sensation of heavy legs.

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