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  • Colon regular

    Colon regular

    Alder buckthorn, cascara or sacred bark and rhubarb support regularity of bowel movements. Gentian, cinnamon and cloves stimulate the elimination of intestinal gas and, in combination...

  • Pure vitamin C

    Pure vitamin C

    Dog rose, acerola and camu-camu fruits are naturally rich in vitamin C, which has many properties: it promotes energy metabolism, reducing tiredness and fatig...

  • ACTIVATED CHARCOAL granules 100 g


    Coal contributes to the reduction of excessive postprandial flatulence*. It also promotes the normal function of the digestive system and regulates intestinal transit....

  • ANEMIK 60 Tablets


    Food supplement containing minerals and vitamins. Iron supports normal haemoglobin synthesis, oxygen transport in body tissues and, in combination with vitamin B6 and B12, maintains healthy formation ...

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How to cope with menopause naturally

Women’s health (circulation, hormones, menopause)

Menopause: what it is and how to live peacefully this new moment of your life with the aid of plants and a few tips

Menopause is a physiological period of a woman’s life characterised by several hormonal changes that lead to the disappearance of the menstrual cycle.

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