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Dr Martino Giorgini

After studying chemistry and graduating in Biology from the University of Bologna, Dr Giorgini begins to study herbal medicine.

Living in the countryside, he starts to collect herbs. Later, in 1977, he opens  his first herb shop in Cervia (Italy) and calls it Vis Medicatrix Naturae (The Healing Power of Nature).

At that time, herb shops used to sell only bulk herbs to consumers, to prepare homemade herbal teas. At this point, Dr Giorgini feels the need to make the use of medicinal plants more practical and efficient by resuming the use of extracts.

These, however, are no longer available on the market as, during the post-war, they get disused in pharmacies. Therefore, he enthusiastically starts to study new preparation methods to consume herbs, resulting in the first "ready to use" products: liquids, tablets and the well-known Veravis beads.

After seven years of hard work in his herb shop, Dr Giorgini decides to start the industrial production, moving to Marradi, a small village nestled amidst the hills of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. He therefore:

  • invents new processing techniques (“Alchemico-Spagyrico” method);
  • projects new herbal extraction machinery;
  • designs vacuum systems to ensure utmost quality and safety;
  • creates more than 1,000 products;
  • designs machines to collect dew (to be used in the manufacturing of products);
  • invents a new method for purifying the alcohol available on the market;
  • writes poems, songs, and holds forty conferences.

Dr Giorgini retraces the steps of science back in time

From the chemically synthesised active ingredients (without the use of plants) in the 20th century, to the separation of active ingredients from plant extracts in the 19th century; from plant extracts in the 18th century to the separation of the five ingredients in the 17th century, up to the Universal Spirit  of the 16th century.

Finally, Dr Giorgini finds out that the transition from alchemy to chemistry has not been a slow evolution (as most of the books on the history of chemistry say), but the result of a sudden change taken place in the mid-600s at the University of Paris: the new scientific theory neglects the universal spirit, though acknowledging it, affirming that things are made up of what falls under the senses and that the theory of nature must be understood by everybody.

Reintroducing the vitalistic theory of the Ancients becomes, by that time, the scope of several scientists, but the Goddess of Reason has once again the upper hand.

Dr Giorgini wonders whether the price that science has paid to technology is to have forgotten that it is matter that was created from light and not vice versa.

Therefore, he sets up a research laboratory with the aim of demonstrating the existence and function of the energy of life and its implications and practical applications for the health and wellness of his many and affectionate estimators. 








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