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  • Carbo compositum

    Carbo compositum

    Activated charcoal helps reduce excessive post-prandial flatulence*. With the addition of essential oils that promote the elimination of intestinal gas and, together with centaury and gentian, favour ...


    Black Pepper Titrated Extract

    Black pepper supports the digestive function, regulates bowel movements and promotes the elimination of flatulence. It also carries out an antioxidant action and promotes normal cardiovascular functio...

  • CHLOROPHYLVIS 200 ml alcohol free liquid


    Food supplement containing oats, chlorophyll, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. In particular, iron contributes to the transport of oxygen to the body and, together with vitamin B6 and B12, supp...

  • Altheavis


    Agar-agar is a soluble fibre that is not digested nor absorbed by the gut; it normalises the volume and consistency of the stool and, together with marshmallow, improves the regularity of bowel moveme...

  • DETOXIGEN 125 tablets


    Food supplement containing amino acids, glutathione, selenium, and vitamins. In particular, selenium, vitamin C and vitamin E help protect cells from oxidative stress....

  • ROYAL JELLY 200 ml alcohol free liquid

    Royal jelly

    Food supplement containing fresh royal jelly, specially designed for adults and children aged 1 to 10 years. Royal jelly, produced by worker bees, is a highly nutritious "superfood" used by ...

  • ARNICA GEL 50 ml

    Arnica Gel

    Calming and soothing gel, made from arnica, flaxseed and black currant oils, lavender essential oil and fresh, embryonic or meristematic tissues of horse chestnut, chestnut, service tree and blueberry...

  • BUTYRVIS 80 tablets


    Herbal supplement containing vitamins, butyric acid and other nutrients. Inulin, a prebiotic fiber, along with Saccharomyces boulardii, a probiotic yeast, promotes the balance of intestinal f...

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